Vocabulary Fun

Good morning, friends! This Saturday morning is one of those that I love...cool, crisp air, laundry is going, candles are lit, the lamps are on, ahhhh!

I wanted to pop in today and share a vocabulary game I use in my classroom to review our words. It's an easy game to use and the kids love it. I draw student names (from old fashioned popsicle sticks!) and if they want, they come up to the front of the room. I place the vocabulary crown on their head and then attach a vocabulary word to the crown. They are not able to see what word I put on the crown.

On the board, I have a list of all vocabulary words. We have 10 in each unit. They call on their classmates to give them the definition, hints, and examples of the word.  

Those students who don't want to come up and be "crowned" can still participate by giving out definitions, examples, etc.

What fun games do you use to review vocabulary?

Week in review

We had a wonderful week of school last week. I just LOVE my new school!

If you didn't see my post about generating student excitement, click HERE to go to that post. Students came back to this CAUTION sign! 
Last week was our first Scholastic book order and I was SO excited at the amount of books my students ordered. We still have two more boxes coming! WOW!

Last week we focused on making connections and the types of connections readers make.
I recently introduced our reading graffiti wall to students and I love to see quotes begin to appear on it! LOVE this!

In Social Studies we learned all about immigration and used our USA Studies Weekly newspapers as an additional resource. I love teaching history!
I'll be back in a few days to share some amazing books I've read lately!

CAUTION: New books!

A few weeks ago we had Fall Break and I was able to label and organize 20+ books for my classroom. I also purchased about 10 new (to us) books for my classroom.

I knew that I wanted to generate excitement with my students so I created this CAUTION sign!

I purchased black fabric from Hobby Lobby and caution tape at Target in the dollar spot (with the Halloween goodies). When students came back to school after Fall Break, they found our library like this: 

Y'all, they were SO excited! We previewed the new books before adding them to the library and they were SO pumped!

You could also do this when a Scholastic book order comes in, which would be another fun way to generate excitement! 

October Currently

Happy October! September seemed to fly by, didn't it? So far all we have experienced in October is rain. It has rained for days and days on end. 
Most of mine are self explanatory so I won't get in detail about each one. :)
Happy October, friends!
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