Monday Made It {Beach Ball Activity & Math About Me}

Good morning, y'all!  This is my last Monday to sleep in and wouldn't you know my little one was awake at 6:15....what?!  BUT, at least I'm able to link up early to Tara's Monday Made It!
I spent more time on curriculum work than crafting this week. I mapped out my first day and first week plans.  Now I just need to tackle long range plans.  

{Monday Made It #1}
The first thing I did was write questions on this beach ball for an icebreaker activity on the first day.  Since I'm looping up with my students, I feel like we all "know" each other, so I didn't ask the basic getting to know you questions. I think this will be a fun activity, though!  The questions are:
  • Tell us something fun you did during the summer.
  • If you could be any animal, what would you be?  Why?
  • What are you most looking forward to this year?
  • What job do you want when you get older?
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Why?

{Monday Made It #2}
The second thing I made was a Math About Me poster.  I originally heard of the idea last year and then I saw this pin that reminded me of it!  So, I created my Math About Me poster.  I tried to use expanded form and other ways to write numbers.  As I am introducing the idea using my poster, we will "solve" each section. For example, on the first one I wrote that I've been married for 49 months.  Together we will figure out how many years/months this is.  On the first day of school, students will determine what 8 facts they would like to include and on the second day they will create their Math About Me posters to hang outside in the hallway!  I think it's a fun way to start the year in Math!  I put a shape over my picture for this because it's a picture of me and my son and I didn't really want his picture to make it's way to Pinterest!  Sorry for the iPhone picture.  :/
Now, I want to explain the years for the bottom left.  When my husband saw it, he asked why I was in school for so long! Elementary school was Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, which equals 6 grades.  Middle/high school was 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th which equals 7 grades. The rest are self-explanatory!  And actually, my elementary and middle school was all in ONE small little country school!  

Stay tuned for a recap of the Carolina Bloggers Meet Up!  I was only able to join in for lunch, but it was fun!  I'll post about it soon!


  1. Love that beach ball activity! I have also been seeing that math about me pin and was thinking about trying it! Your kiddos have some fun activities to start the year off with! I am your newest follower!


  2. Great idea with the beach ball - very easy to do, great "transition-form-summer" theme, I love it! ~Deb
    Crafting Connections

  3. I love the beach ball idea! Thank you for sharing!


  4. The beach ball activity looks like a fun way to get to know your students.
    Thank you!

    Enjoy your final days of summer!

  5. Love the beach ball activity! I used a beach ball with reading questions on it last year and the "fun" never wore off for my kiddos. Good idea to use at the beginning of the year, too.

    The Sweetest Thing
    Follow me on Bloglovin'!

  6. Love the beachball activity! I just might have to steal....I mean borrow that!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  7. Love the beach ball idea! I will be grabbing a beach ball tomorrow. :) YAY! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners
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  8. I just saw a twist on this today! Instead of using a beachball, use a life preserver. They can catch it on their arm or leg. How lucky to get to loop with your kids.

  9. The beach ball is such a smart way to get students engaged and getting to know each other! I use the SMART board and a Koosh ball but yours is still way more interactive! I'll need to pick up a beach ball.

    Thanks so much for sharing,
    My Shoe String Life
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  10. Thanks for the beach ball idea! This is my 2nd year as an elementary art teacher so I do know the kids already and this is an awesome way to get to know more about them! :) I'm doing this tomorrow!

  11. I actually just thought of using this for an exam review game. Divide the room into 2 teams and put numbers on the ball for which review question they will answer and earn points for their team.

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  13. Great idea with the beach ball activity. It fits perfectly with summer here in Australia. We are starting our new school year next week (end of January), and it's the middle of a long and very hot summer where we live. So the beachball will fit right in. Thanks a lot for the idea!

  14. Thanks for sharing this! I love the beach ball activity! What a way to break the ice and have fun getting to know one another!

  15. Quick question on the beach ball activity. How do the students know which question they are suppose to answer when they catch the beach ball (I'm assuming they toss it to each other or does the teacher toss it to the kids then they answer a question, then toss it back to the teacher who then tosses it back to another student?). I'm thinking of adapting this to my high school students. Thanks for the info.

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