Fun Finds

I'm just popping in this morning for a really quick post showing some of my fun finds!  I love when people post their fun finds because I usually love them so much that I buy them as well! :)

This adorable chevron lamp came from the Dollar General!  I *love* having lamps on in my classroom.  It just seems to make it so cozy! Shade - $5.00, base - $7.00.
I also got this dry erase weekly planner chart from the Dollar General.  I plan to use this to write down my guided reading small groups to help me and my students keep track of who comes back on what day.  Chart - $1.00.
We've all seen these pocket charts at Target in the dollar section.  I may or may not have extras stashed in my closet just in case.  But, I hadn't seen them in this color and bought two of them a few days ago.  Now, I am wishing I had bought more because I need two more!
Yesterday I purchased this anchor chart bunting from Teacher Pay Teachers - That's So Second Grade!  It will be perfect above my huge bulletin board!!  I also downloaded the Science and Math Vocabulary Wall signs, hence needing two more pocket charts.
Since I am moving up to teach 5th grade, I plan on creating a notebook with my class for each subject.  So, I bought some cute notebooks while I was out shopping yesterday!  Dollar Tree - $1.00 each.
My last find was from Marshall's.  I love the pink chalkboard frame. I will use it for inspirational quotes in my classroom.  The other chalkboard frame is for my house.  Love it!  I couldn't pass up the cute chevron thank you cards or the big book of Mad Libs!  Kids *LOVE* Mad Libs!  It's a great rainy day recess activity!


  1. Cute, cute, cute!! Makes me want to go shopping! :) Abbey

  2. Wow, what some great finds! Looks like you really racked up. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, what some great finds! Looks like you really racked up. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the lamp! Who knew you could find such cute stuff there? :)
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  5. I saw that lamp on another blog and still think it's the cutest thing ever!

  6. I love all of your fun finds! You found some great stuff! I got those turquoise pocket charts too (I only needed one, but grabbed three, just in case). I hope you can find more!

    Primarily Speaking

  7. I'm loving all of your finds! Your chalkboard looks just like the one I put together! So glad we're twinsies!

  8. You must've had fun finding all those great things! Love the chevron lamp!


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