Five for Friday 8-17

Y'all, we went back to school this week (teachers only) and I am exhausted!  I can only imagine how I will feel next week with students!  

I had hoped to blog each day and link up to Blog Hoppin', but it just didn't work!  My goal is to blog regularly this school year.  

Here's a look back at my week with Five for Friday!

One - I am super excited that my school is going to purchase 5th grade a class set of Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule. Our plan is to do several novel studies through the year and truly integrate Social Studies and ELA.  I am excited to use this book during our Reconstruction unit! 
And...someone on Instagram told me that The Watsons go to Birmingham was on sale in Scholastic for $1.00.  I have lots of points saved up so I was able to use some points to purchase a class set!  Even without points, they are so affordable!  We will do a novel study with this text, too.

Two - We had Open House this week.  I had all but 4 students come, which was a great turnout!  I had several stations for parents & students to go to:
  • Sign-in sheet (documented b/c we are a Title 1 school)
  • Complete parent info on orange sheet (basic info for parents to fill out)
  • Bus/Car sheet - How does your child get home?
  • Helping Hands (optional)
  • Packet to take home (field trip letter, class t-shirt letter, class party information, welcome letter, PASS results, paper for parents to fill out)
  • Email sign in for pictures taken throughout the year
Here is a look at my helping hands!  I place a sign that says, "Be a Helping Hand.  If you would like to donate an item to our classroom, please take a hand!"

Three - I made first day gifts for students.  I always like to have a gift on students desks as they come in the first day.  Inside they have: an eraser, a bookmark, a pencil, a snack, and a drink!  We don't serve breakfast the first day so a snack helps tide them over until lunch.

Four - My classroom is ready for Day 1 next Monday!  It's supposed to be a rainy weekend so I am hoping for lots of rest and relaxation before the school year begins!
Five - I just had to show my new necklaces!  These are all from Our World Boutique.  Check them out online!  They are super cute and affordable!


  1. Your room looks great!! So bright & colorful! :)

    Good luck on your first day!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  2. I like those little poof balls hanging from the ceiling. Your room looks great and ready to go.

  3. Looks like your ready to go! Your necklaces are super cute!


  4. Have a great first day on Monday!
    I love the necklaces. They are really cute.



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