Find the Animals

I have seen this idea circulating around Instagram for a while and we recently tried this activity. Take a puzzle apart and wrap aluminum foil around each puzzle piece for your child (ren) to unwrap. This is an easy way to work on those fine motor skills!

I chose an animal puzzle for this activity, but it could easily be done with any puzzle. My little ones love unwrapping a puzzle piece and discovering which animal was "hiding".

DIY Fine Motor Board

If your children are anything like mine, you most likely have pouches of some sort around your house. My kiddos like yogurt pouches and applesauce pouches. I kept wondering what I could do with those pouch lids to work on fine motor skills and I decided to create a fine motor board!


  • Cardboard (thanks Amazon!)
  • Various pouch lids
Creating this was SO easy. All I did was cut out the piece of the pouch that the lid screw onto and then cut a slit in the cardboard. I inserted the piece into it and tightened the lid onto it. Voila! 

Drawing Lines

One skill we've been working on is drawing lines. Our occupational therapist gave us a great suggestion that I thought I'd share here since it's been helpful to us. Use dot stickers as beginning and ending points. I always encourage starting on the left so we can work on left to right progression.

You could use this trick to work on diagonal lines as well. We also use chalk outside to practice drawing lines. 
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