ALMOST time!!

We are gearing up for some LIVE animals (eeek!) to come our way after Spring Break.  This week we have been busy making habitats for fiddler crabs, millipedes, and African Dwarf frogs!
I got a sweet surprise from a student this week.  Flowers!  I love them.
And friends, it's almost SPRING BREAK!  Tomorrow is my last day until April 8th.  Woohoo! I am going to spend lots of time with friends and family!  See you after Spring Break!

Testing, part 1 = OVER!

I am glad that our PASS testing for Writing is over!  This week has been just a little stressful.  Between PASS tests and my little one having strep throat AND a viral infection, it has been one of those weeks.  My classroom has looked sooooo boring this week!
We did get a nice pouches!  I like the way people use book boxes, but I just don't have the space.  So, these book pouches will be great!  Our school purchased them for us and we got the neon pouches.  I am hoping that eventually we can buy those little hooks and place them on the wall underneath my Smartboard for storage.  

BFARM posters!

A few posts back I talked about how we use the acronym "BFARM" to teach animal classifications.  Birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals.  My students worked in groups to make BFARM posters!  They had to tell characteristics of the animal, list examples, and illustrate.  

Animal studies is one of my favorite things to teach!  

Five for Friday

It's time for Five for Friday over at Doodle Bugs Teaching!  Here's a glance at my week!
1.  This week my class learned about faces, edges, and vertices of three-dimensional shapes.  We had fun using straws and pipe cleaners to make 3D shapes and then point out their faces, edges, and vertices.

2.  Does your teachers and staff do Secret Pal at your school?  We do and I enjoy participating in it each year.  We fill out papers about ourselves at the beginning of the year, randomly pick someone, and buy gifts for each other throughout the year.  This morning I dropped off a green tumbler and a card for my Secret Pal in the main office...
And was pleasantly surprised when I saw this plant waiting for me from my Secret Pal!  
3.  I got the sweetest note from a student in my bucket today.  How about the use of that vocabulary word we recently learned?!
4.  My little man celebrated St. Patty's Day at school.  Isn't he the cutest?  We are in the process of completing re-doing his bedroom and he is going to love the final product!  
5.  Today, I put out a few Easter decorations! I am READY for Spring and these 70 degree temperatures feel amazing! 
Have a good weekend, friends!

Five for Friday!

This is my first time linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday link up!  
1.  Today we concluded our dress up days with Favorite Team Day!  Of course, I wore Tennessee Vols gear.  My little one wanted to match me this morning so he wore his UT jersey, too.  So, so sweet!
2.  We celebrated Read Across America week with an author visit today.  Author Kimberly Johnson came to our school and shared some great Writing tips with our students!  She was a great speaker and kept them very engaged!
Here are a few of the books she has written.  Our students will get the chance to order them so I will definitely order the giraffe book for my little one!

3.  Our 4th graders recently performed an original play titled Flashback to Freedom.  They wrote their own lines, created their own props, and planned their costumes.  It was really cute!  This was the Great Plains Native American group.  
These were students from a colonial school.  

4.  Tomorrow is our district's first Math bowl.  I'll be honest, my first thought was "Saturday morning, 8:30 am {not counting my 30 min drive}, my 2 year old in a gym having to be quiet, yikes!"....BUT, after working with my three students for about 6 weeks on preparing for it and seeing their excitement, I am excited to see them perform tomorrow!  They have worked really hard to prepare.

5.  I normally do not read historical fiction, but I have read two AWESOME books lately and could hardly put them down!  They are both related to the slavery era {which happens to be what I'm teaching in Social Studies right now}.  I highly recommend them!  

Fun Dress Up Days & Scholastic

Our school district is beginning to talk about new Science standards for the year 2014-2015 {I think?}.  They aren't the Next Generation Science Standards since our state isn't on board, but from what I understand they are very similar.  If they are adopted, 4th grade will lose Weather (one of my favorite units) and astronomy.  But, we gain rocks, minerals, etc. and something about waves (no one know if it's ocean waves, sound waves, etc.).  Does your state use the Next Generation Science Standards?

We have continued our FUN dress up days! Tuesday we went comfortable in our pajamas! 
Yesterday was duct tape day, but I wasn't there because I was at a Writing conference.  Today, was Twin Day and we had awesome outfits!  Since we (me and 2 other teachers) ran the Color Run 5K last weekend, we wore our Color Run shirts and made colorful tutu's!  So fun! 
Do your kiddos get excited about Scholastic book orders?  This group of mine orders so much every time I send out a book order! 
By far, the most popular book was this One Direction book.  Are your girls as obsessed with One Direction as mine are?  They love them!  I even bought one with a free $20 I could spend.  

Camo Day + Centers

This week we are celebrating Read Across America week.  Today was camo day!  Here I am in my camo gear this morning.  I love dress up days!  Fun!
We took a photo of the students who dressed up in my class, which is super blurry but a student took the picture.
I had some extra time the other day {which never happens}so we whipped out some centers, which the students loved! First was shamrock Math, which they loved!  Who knew they'd love multiplication when it's written on glitter shamrocks?
They also worked in a Spelling center.  Please ignore the mess on my classroom rug!
Another center was a game called Multiplication Top-It.  
And finally, a partner reading center!  They didn't have to read this book, but most students partner read this big book.  
Tomorrow is Pajama Day!  Woohoo!  

March Currently

Can you believe that it is already March?  We have started this month with a bang!  First, I have started Weight Watchers again because I am bound and determined to lose this weight!  And...I ran my very first 5K!  I have always wanted to run a 5K and what better one to start with than the COLOR RUN!  Here's to a healthier me! 
Listening:  Property HGTV!  

Loving:  That I was one of over 6,000 runners in the Color Run this weekend!  Me, my mom, and two teachers (Kacey and Nikki) ran it together!  Me, Kacey, and Nikki after the race:

Me and my mom!  
Thinking: My next masters class begins tomorrow and I need to start working on it!

Wanting: My new TOMS to come in the mail soon!  This is my second pair of burlap ones!  Love, love, love them! 

Needing:  To finish laundry...ugh.  

Like, love, hate: Since my name starts with "L", I have words that start with "L".  I like labs!  Best dogs ever!  I love lazy summer days!  Can't wait for that!  And hate ladybugs....yuck!  Always have!  

Happy March, y'all! 
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