Fun Dress Up Days & Scholastic

Our school district is beginning to talk about new Science standards for the year 2014-2015 {I think?}.  They aren't the Next Generation Science Standards since our state isn't on board, but from what I understand they are very similar.  If they are adopted, 4th grade will lose Weather (one of my favorite units) and astronomy.  But, we gain rocks, minerals, etc. and something about waves (no one know if it's ocean waves, sound waves, etc.).  Does your state use the Next Generation Science Standards?

We have continued our FUN dress up days! Tuesday we went comfortable in our pajamas! 
Yesterday was duct tape day, but I wasn't there because I was at a Writing conference.  Today, was Twin Day and we had awesome outfits!  Since we (me and 2 other teachers) ran the Color Run 5K last weekend, we wore our Color Run shirts and made colorful tutu's!  So fun! 
Do your kiddos get excited about Scholastic book orders?  This group of mine orders so much every time I send out a book order! 
By far, the most popular book was this One Direction book.  Are your girls as obsessed with One Direction as mine are?  They love them!  I even bought one with a free $20 I could spend.  

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