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Hey friends! Sorry I have been absent lately. I've been super busy getting my house on the market, discussing offer and counter offers, house hunting, and all of that fun/exciting/stressful stuff! I just wanted to pop in real quick for My Truth Monday over at Sunny Days in Second Grade! This will be my first time linking up and it's Halloween related this time!

Five for Friday {October 18}

What a week this has been! We've done lots of fun things in Room 440 and experienced quite an emotional day today. First, let's look at the fun things we've done!
On Tuesday I only had 1/2 of my class and I had 1/2 of the other 5th grade class because a lot of our students performed a chorus concert outside of school. So, I let the students who didn't participate and were at school with me do a fun craft to decorate my door and my partner teacher's door.

That same day we used alphaboxes to come up with words related to our study of westward expansion. Then, we created an ABC book about westward expansion. It turned out really cute!
In Science, students designed a container to hold an egg for our egg drop experiment. We had a total of 10 containers, 5 from my class and 5 from the other 5th grade class. Would you believe that ALL 10 eggs stayed completely intact?!  I hated missing the experiment, but I actually had a doctor's appointment and missed it. I couldn't believe that NONE of the eggs broke or cracked!  Here are my classes containers.

My son and I had a mini Science lesson this week! I found this wasp nest that my husband had knocked off earlier. After making sure there were no wasps in it or nearby, we placed it in a ziploc bag to hold it and observe it! When asked what it looks like, E said, "Well, it's brown like a bear or a spider and it has holes". Observant little guy and everything has to do with some type of animal! :)
Although this week was lots of fun, today it ended on a sad note. I told my students that I was moving at the end of the second nine weeks (due to my husband getting a promotion at work). I knew I'd have some students cry, but their reaction was so much worse than what I'd expected. They were so heartbroken and cried much more than I thought they would. It was just plain awful! Tonight I'm saying a big prayer for peace for their sweet and heavy hearts.

At lunch they all got together and said really loud "We love you, Mrs. Geren!" It just about broke my heart into. What sweet, sweet students they are!

Highlighter Tape

A few weeks ago a representative from BIC emailed me to ask if I'd consider trying their Brite Liner Highlighter tape and reviewing it. I was happy to agree to this. My students were thrilled to get their own highlighter tape! 
I'm going to be honest, we had a little trouble using it at first. However, I wasn't sure if it was the operators or the product! Haha! I emailed the company with my concerns and got a very helpful email back.  I tried the tips they gave me and was able to successfully use it!
Most of my students were able to successfully use it as well! Students were definitely motivated to use the highlighter tape and really loved using it!

Fall Bulletin Board

I'm just popping in for a quick post! In our school, we have two bulletin boards in the main hallway. Teachers are assigned one month of the year to decorate the bulletin board. October was my month!

Granted, I've been cuter but I let my students pick out everything, from the title to the the problems! Each student chose a Math problem to solve and wrote it either on a leaf or a pumpkin.
Tomorrow we will do a fun craft to decorate our door!


My title pretty much sums this post's a little hodgepodge all wrapped up into 1 post. 

Today was Neon Day for Spirit Week. Although not near as fun as yesterday, it was much more comfortable. I wore this neon orange workout top.  
I "stole" a Math idea and wanted to share it with you because I thought it was so cute!  Note: This was NOT my idea, nor did I make it! Our district Math coach shared it with us and then my partner teacher made us each one!  It's called "Numeration Street". What a great visual!
My first year teaching I was given a paper titled DRY MIX and some type of graph on it. I remember thinking, "What in the world is dry mix?" I ended up throwing it away because no one told me what it was, how to use it, etc. So, into the trash it went. 

Then....I began teaching 5th grade and had an "Aha!" moment when I realized DRY MIX was a way to help students remember variables and their placements!  Dependent Responding Y-axis and Manipulated Independent X-axis.  Our Science coach was nice enough to make this poster for each of us and it has helped SO much! Another GREAT visual!  Don't mind those Tennessee teddy bears...I bought one and a student bought me the other! Go VOLS! :) 

Field Trip!

We take our students on a BIG field trip! We have a chartered bus take us 3 hours away to Charleston, SC to see Patriot's Point. Actually, this was the first time 5th grade has been, but in 4th grade we took them to Cherokee, NC and it was also 3 hours away.  

The bus ride really doesn't seem so long. The kids are excited, we bring DVD's to play on the TV's, and there is a bathroom for emergencies. We definitely couldn't do it without our wonderful chaperones. 

The first thing we saw was this animal in the Charleston harbor. Any guesses as to what it is?

It was a MANATEE! How awesome is that?! We loved watching it come up from the water and then later saw it playing in this dripping water! 
We also saw 3 dolphins! I was so glad our students were able to see both animals. So beautiful!
The first thing we did was participate in a Science program, where we broke into 2 groups. It was completely connected to our Science standards and was LOTS of fun!

After the Science program, we had a picnic lunch in a shady area that had picnic tables. We always give students a gallon sized Ziploc bag with their name on it prior to the trip. This is what they pack their lunch in. It makes it so easy to just toss the bags in coolers because they pack so easily. We also saw it's their "ticket" to get on the bus.

After lunch we toured the USS Laffey (no pictures) and the USS Clamagore. Our students couldn't believe we were actually underwater on the submarine.

I did start feeling very claustrophobic at this point! It was a tight squeeze with lots of students! I can't imagine being on the submarine for a long time.
Finally, we made our way to the USS Yorktown! One thing that was SO NEAT about it is that they were having a veteran's celebration so there were lots of veterans there that actually served on the aircraft carrier! Is that not awesome?! We spoke with a gentlemen who flew the planes we saw. 

After touring the USS Yorktown, we made our way to the gift shop before heading home!  It was an absolutely exhausting, long, but most importantly FUN day! 

October Currently

It is OCTOBER! I love October...fall clothes, fall temperatures (hopefully coming soon), fall candles, pumpkins, and all of the fun fall activities!  October also means it's time for Farley's Currently!

Listening:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Loving: My mom is on Fall break this week and is spending the week with us. I love it when she's here!

Thinking: Our big field trip is this Friday!  I'm looking forward to it and ready for it to be over all at the same time. We will leave at 7:00 am and be back at 6:00 pm. Long day!

Wanting: House hunting! Knowing we are moving soon, I hope to go to a town we think we might move to and check out some houses. I've found one that I love!

Needing: I need to start getting my house ready for the market to sell. We met with a realtor last weekend and have a few weekends to get prepared. Yikes!

Treat: I just bought a blackberry candle and it smells SO yummy! 

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