Five for Friday {October 18}

What a week this has been! We've done lots of fun things in Room 440 and experienced quite an emotional day today. First, let's look at the fun things we've done!
On Tuesday I only had 1/2 of my class and I had 1/2 of the other 5th grade class because a lot of our students performed a chorus concert outside of school. So, I let the students who didn't participate and were at school with me do a fun craft to decorate my door and my partner teacher's door.

That same day we used alphaboxes to come up with words related to our study of westward expansion. Then, we created an ABC book about westward expansion. It turned out really cute!
In Science, students designed a container to hold an egg for our egg drop experiment. We had a total of 10 containers, 5 from my class and 5 from the other 5th grade class. Would you believe that ALL 10 eggs stayed completely intact?!  I hated missing the experiment, but I actually had a doctor's appointment and missed it. I couldn't believe that NONE of the eggs broke or cracked!  Here are my classes containers.

My son and I had a mini Science lesson this week! I found this wasp nest that my husband had knocked off earlier. After making sure there were no wasps in it or nearby, we placed it in a ziploc bag to hold it and observe it! When asked what it looks like, E said, "Well, it's brown like a bear or a spider and it has holes". Observant little guy and everything has to do with some type of animal! :)
Although this week was lots of fun, today it ended on a sad note. I told my students that I was moving at the end of the second nine weeks (due to my husband getting a promotion at work). I knew I'd have some students cry, but their reaction was so much worse than what I'd expected. They were so heartbroken and cried much more than I thought they would. It was just plain awful! Tonight I'm saying a big prayer for peace for their sweet and heavy hearts.

At lunch they all got together and said really loud "We love you, Mrs. Geren!" It just about broke my heart into. What sweet, sweet students they are!


  1. How sad to say goodbye. You are truly loved and must be a wonderful teacher to have gotten such a dear response. All will be well.

  2. The egg drop experiment is so much fun!... It's so touching that your students were so saddened by your leaving. It means you've meant a great deal to them. What nice kids!

    Good luck with everything to come!
    My Shoe String Life

  3. I love the bats and how you incorporated math into them! So cute!

    Keep Calm and Hoot On

  4. Your students are going to miss you so much because of how hard you work with them. It will be hard, but they will be OK. Prayers for all of you during this transition. I also want to say how I love the bats (think I said so on Instagram- not sure :) I might steal the idea if I can spare some class time... Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm sad for the loss your students are experiencing but some things can't be helped. It's hard to let go of those kids when we spend so much time and energy on them, isn't it?! By the way, I did the egg drop soup with my science teacher in 7th grade. Love it! I've never seen anyone else do it!


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