My title pretty much sums this post up...it's a little hodgepodge all wrapped up into 1 post. 

Today was Neon Day for Spirit Week. Although not near as fun as yesterday, it was much more comfortable. I wore this neon orange workout top.  
I "stole" a Math idea and wanted to share it with you because I thought it was so cute!  Note: This was NOT my idea, nor did I make it! Our district Math coach shared it with us and then my partner teacher made us each one!  It's called "Numeration Street". What a great visual!
My first year teaching I was given a paper titled DRY MIX and some type of graph on it. I remember thinking, "What in the world is dry mix?" I ended up throwing it away because no one told me what it was, how to use it, etc. So, into the trash it went. 

Then....I began teaching 5th grade and had an "Aha!" moment when I realized DRY MIX was a way to help students remember variables and their placements!  Dependent Responding Y-axis and Manipulated Independent X-axis.  Our Science coach was nice enough to make this poster for each of us and it has helped SO much! Another GREAT visual!  Don't mind those Tennessee teddy bears...I bought one and a student bought me the other! Go VOLS! :) 


  1. You have a math and a science coach in your district....lucky!!!

    Mind Sparks

  2. I love the Numeration Street:) It makes for a great visual!
    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Hi! I love the poster for DRY MIX- do you possibly have the file to share :)


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