My Truth Monday

Hey friends! Sorry I have been absent lately. I've been super busy getting my house on the market, discussing offer and counter offers, house hunting, and all of that fun/exciting/stressful stuff! I just wanted to pop in real quick for My Truth Monday over at Sunny Days in Second Grade! This will be my first time linking up and it's Halloween related this time!


  1. No to gross you out anymore, but I cannot eat raw oysters either because the sliminess reminds me of... snot. Yes, I said it.

    Technically A Media Specialist

  2. Hey there! I'm totally with you on your fear of the dark..mine goes a little farther, though. I wear contacts and I can't sleep in them. I worry that someone will break in in the middle of the night and steal me, and I won't be able to see because I'm so blind without my contacts! My husband tells me I watch too much 20/20 and Dateline..maybe he's right :)

    The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher

  3. I hate being scared too! I don't even like practical jokes because most of them have the scare/shock factor!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. Would you mind posting the link for my survey on your page? I am a masters student getting my initial licensure in Elementary Ed and as part of my research class I am collecting data about the amount of time teachers spend outside the classroom doing work-related tasks such as prepping, organizing, grading, etc. If so, the link to my survey is: Thank you!!

  5. We are two peas Lana! I've missed you..I need you to hold me accountable to my lack of blogging!
    Short and Sassy Teacher


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