Snowflake Crafts

Happy Monday! Today I am sharing a few snowflake themed activities we did last week! First, I purchased this set of snowflake stamps from Amazon. These are great foam snowflake stamps that we will use in multiple ways! 

Last week we used the stamps with Play-Doh and created pretty snowflakes! Our next goal is to paint with the snowflake stamps! 

To work on our fine motor skills, we used the 3D snowflake stamps and added them to a fun snowflake! Such an easy way to work on fine motor skills and kids always love stickers! 

Snowflake Do-a-Dot

Do-a-Dot markers are one of our favorite activities, especially for one of my little ones! She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them. Do-a-Dot markers are great for hand-eye coordination and visual scanning, so it's great practice for little ones! 

For an easy and quick craft, you can find seasonal (or non-seasonal) printables for your little ones! This week we decorated snowflakes - even if it was in the upper 60's one day! Ha! Maybe soon we will get to experience real snow. Until then, we can decorate away!

Snowman Bookmark

If you are anything like me, anything with my child's handprint, footprint, or fingerprint is always a FAVORITE. We made these snowman bookmarks back in December and handed a few out to grandparents for Christmas gifts.


  • blue construction paper
  • white paint
  • black marker
  • orange marker
  • laminator (optional)

The first thing we did was cut the bookmarks out. Next, my little ones put their thumb in paint and I guided them to make fingerprints to create snowmen. We added little smudges around the snowman as snow. Once it dried, I went back with a black and orange Sharpie marker to put on the finishing touches! We opted to laminate for durability.

It was such an easy project and it really is the sweetest bookmark! Such a cute craft if you are a reader or are giving them to family members who are readers! 

Snowflake Canvas Painting

Happy January! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. A few weeks ago my girls enjoyed a fun snowflake painting, so I thought I would share this project with you all. We did this activity as part of occupational therapy, but it would be so cute to do anytime in the winter at home!

  • canvas
  • blue paint
  • painters tape 

First, make a snowflake on the blank canvas using painters tape. Next, have your child either paint with a paintbrush or for more sensory fun, use their HANDS! We opted for painting with our hands and it was such a FUN activity! I love the added sensory element with using hands. For children who don't enjoy this, you could easily use a paintbrush.

Once the painting dries, take off the painters tape and voila! You now have a snowflake painting! We displayed ours in the playroom for the a decorative piece during winter. 

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

I don't know about you, but homemade Christmas ornaments are my VERY FAVORITE ornaments. We have a colored lights tree with multiple homemade ornaments (both from previous students and my own children) and each one is so special. Anything with a handprint or a footprint is a BONUS for me!

Reindeer handprint:

These reindeer ornaments are oh so cute and probably my favorite ornament of all! I made several of these six years ago with my son and it is still in perfect condition! We use brown construction paper or cardstock paper as a background. Use dark brown paint for the handprint and allow time to dry. We have a personal laminator at home (BEST purchase ever!) so I laminated them once they were dry. Use hot glue to add google eyes and a red pom pom for a nose!

Ornament kits:

I also like to pick up ornament kits from the Dollar Tree. This set came with 12 foam trees and 3D stickers. The ornaments and stars were GREAT for working on fine motor skills!

Create your own ornament:

I picked up these plastic ornaments at the Dollar Tree, as well as the snow and pom poms. I put the snow in the ornaments and then let my littles put whatever they wanted inside!

Grinch handprint:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie, so we just had to create a Grinch handprint ornament! This was so easy to make. We just did a handprint on white cardstock paper and allowed it to dry. Once it was dry we drew a Grinch face on and I added red cardstock to the back. We laminated it once it was put together! 

Plain handprint & footprint:

There are so many fun ways to decorate a handprint or footprint ornament, but it's also cute to just let it be a plain handprint and/or footprint! I love to see how much my kids hands and/or feet have grown year to year. It's bittersweet!

Reindeer ornament:

My son made this in preschool years ago and it's still a favorite. Paint popsicle sticks, let them dry, and then hot glue them together and add your finishing touches! 

Reindeer thumbprint ornament:

This is another ornament made in preschool and it is oh so cute! Add thumbprints all around the ornament and allow to dry. Then draw on antlers and faces! 

Jingle bell painting:

Last year my girls made this ornament in occupational therapy! It was such a cute activity. We laid a piece of white paper flat in a box, added some paint, and threw in some jingle bells. They held each side of the box and shook it back and forth, allowing the jingle bells to move freely in and out of the paint. Once it was finished, I let the paper dry and cut out circles to make ornaments! 

What are your favorite homemade ornaments?

Christmas Multiplication

It's no secret that we use dot stickers often for multiple uses, but they aren't just for little ones! This week we did Christmas multiplication with my oldest.

I drew a Christmas tree on a piece of craft paper and wrote basic multiplication facts (6x7, 8x9, 4x6, etc) on them. The answers were scrambled on dot stickers. My son solved the problem mentally and then placed the correct answer (sticker) on the problem. This was such a quick activity to put together and a FUN way to practice multiplication facts!

Another fun activity to practice multiplication (and division) facts are these color by number fact sheets! You can find these for FREE at Coloring Squared

Practicing multiplication and division facts doesn't have to be boring! Make it festive and fun! 

Decorate a Christmas tree with dot stickers

Susie over at the Busy Toddler always shares fun ways to use dot stickers. We love dot stickers and use them often. I even purchased a large pack for stocking stuffers this year for my littles.

I used craft paper from our easel and taped it to the wall. I drew a Christmas tree and made yellow, orange, and green dots (those were the only color dot stickers I had at the time). 

Our goal was to decorate the tree by placing dot stickers over the coordinating colors. This was a great fine motor and visual scanning activity.

We had a beautifully decorated tree at the end! I love activities that are quick to put together and you get the most bang for your buck with skills being addressed!

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