Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are one of our favorite activities around here and I try hard to always have a sensory bin out! This style of sensory bin is always my little ones FAVORITE, so you could say it's a "regular" around here. It's so incredibly easy to put together and the materials are all budget friendly!


  • Beans (any kind will do)
  • Various types of utensils (here I have wooden scoops, tongs, and a measuring cup)
  • Mini bowls (I believe they are for condiments)
  • Mini plastic shot glasses (YES, you read that right! They are the PERFECT size for sensory play!)
My girls LOVE to scoop and pour, so this is ALWAYS a hit! It is one we keep on rotation all the time. I change up the utensils every now and then, but the main components are always the same.


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