Highlighter Tape

A few weeks ago a representative from BIC emailed me to ask if I'd consider trying their Brite Liner Highlighter tape and reviewing it. I was happy to agree to this. My students were thrilled to get their own highlighter tape! 
I'm going to be honest, we had a little trouble using it at first. However, I wasn't sure if it was the operators or the product! Haha! I emailed the company with my concerns and got a very helpful email back.  I tried the tips they gave me and was able to successfully use it!
Most of my students were able to successfully use it as well! Students were definitely motivated to use the highlighter tape and really loved using it!


  1. I would love some tips on using these. I purchase some the other day and I can't seem to get them to work.

  2. Did they seem to motivate some of your nonreaders? I was thinking that some of my strugglers might enjoy using something a little different but I also may need tips if they are not easy to use :)

    Sometimes it's all about the little things!
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