Teacher Week '13: Now Teach!

Today's topic is Now Teach!  Organizing for Instruction. Organizing is something I love!!  
Here are some of my organizing tips!
1.  Create a Teacher's Binder:  I have made updates to my teacher binder this year and added a few more categories that I wished I'd had last year.  Inside there are tabs for: Dominee data, MAP data, district calendar, faculty meetings (handouts), District Wednesday's (handouts), District PD (handouts), etc.  I have a notebook that I will for all meetings, but I have sections here for handouts from each type of meeting.  In the back I have a 3 ring pocket folder that I keep IEP information in so I can glance at it quickly if needed.
2.  Content related binders:  I know everyone has their way of organization, but mine is binders.  I like having everything available to grab easily and quickly.  This summer I spent a lot of time organizing my binders, especially my Social Studies binders.  I made change after change, but am happy with the final result.  I have 1 binder per standard with the topic and standard on the front.
Inside I have a paper that tells the topic and a quick glance list of what the standard states.  Behind that I have the actual standards for reference, as well as a list of books, websites, etc that are helpful with that topic.  Here is a peek inside my Reconstruction binder.
3.  Materials:  For me, being organized for instruction means that my materials (and students) have a home and one that is organized.  Here are some photos of various organizers in my room that house teacher and student materials.

This has to be one of my favorite ways to organize my materials. This was my very first product that I purchased once I got a teaching job!  It is from Lakeshore Learning.  As you can see, each basket is labeled by day.  This is where I place copies for the week/week's to come.  You can see first week materials already in there.  It came with folders where you could put Math in one folder, Science in another, etc.  But, I have found that it's easier and quicker to have all copies just placed right inside without folders.
I also use baskets of all kinds for various materials.  This pink basket holds Social Studies books that I keep aside to use with each unit.  
I will be heading to Lowe's this week to buy some of these cute chevron baskets to organize other teacher resource books and manipulatives that will be used that day.
4. Supply bins/caddies/baskets:  Whatever you call them, supply caddies are a good way to keep things organized at desks.  At each of my groups, I have one caddy that holds materials we use daily.

These baskets are located at the front of my room and hold baskets where I will keep Math manipulatives for each of my groups.  These will be new, but I think they will definitely help me stay organized!
5.  Teacher Toolbox: This has been a great way to keep my supplies organized!


  1. I'm a binder fanatic too!

    I love those chevron bins from Lowe's! I think I'll be making a trip there tonight. ;)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Loving the binders! The baskets are awesome as well. It's amazing how good a basket can make us teachers feel!!!

    1, 2, Eyes On You!

  3. I am jealous of how organized you are!! I looove binders and use them for everything, but don't quite have them down to a science like you do. Thanks so much for sharing!

    XO, Kelly Anne

  4. The teacher binder is a MUST! AND oh my I am loving that caddy!! Where oh where is it from!!??

    Ginger Snaps

  5. I have those same file bins from Lakeshore! I love how easy it makes preparing for the week. I'm also loving your tall, pink Steralite drawer system. Swoon!
    Short and Sassy Teacher


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