Carolina Bloggers Meetup!

I am super behind posting about the Carolina Blogger Meetup!  This was back at the beginning of August before the craziness of school started!  A lot of the ladies got together Friday night, but I was only able to make it for lunch on Saturday. Next time I am definitely going to do the overnight trip! The pictures looked like SO much fun!  

My GPS *totally* took me to the WRONG place (over and over again) and I was totally lost for the longest time!  I was so frustrated with my GPS and with traffic, but I finally made it to Chicora Alley for lunch!  Lunch was great and I enjoyed meeting familiar faces!

Photo from Ginger

Amanda had the cutest name-tags and gift bags for everyone! Thank you so much for setting it up, Amanda!

Here are the ladies who came!

Brooke from Whooo's in Second?

Heather at Room 4 Imagination

Natalie at Teachery Tidbits
The Poole Pages

Classroom Snapshots

Ginger at GingerSnaps

Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B

Ashley from Primary Teacherhood

Emily AND Kerry at Third and Goal

The Sweetest Thing

The 2nd Grade Surprise

4 The Love of Teaching

Amanda at Teaching Maddeness
Teaching Maddeness


  1. I love how we waited until Ginger posted her pictures to do this..ha!

    Teachery Tidbits

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Look at how cute you are in your chevron!!

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