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Today, I am linking up with The Sweetest Thing for her "What's In Your Lunch Box?" linky party!  I am in desperate need for new ideas. 
There are so many cute lunch boxes out there now! This is the one I am currently using from Thirty One.
As I said, my lunches are pretty blah.  They are typically one of two things: 1) leftovers, 2) frozen meals, or 3) cafeteria (which isn't that bad, actually).  Blah!  I guess if you are reading this you might be thinking "Why is she even sharing then?!" Ha!  

That being said, I usually prefer Smart Ones if I have a frozen meal. Some actually taste pretty good.  

If I have a frozen meal, I always pack one fruit and a water.  My go-to fruits for lunch are apples, plums, and bananas.  Sometimes I'll have other fruits like strawberries or blueberries.  It's just whatever I have on hand.  
I usually bring an extra snack for the way home.  I drive about 40 minutes so by the time I leave school and prepare to drive that far, I am usually ready for a snack.  Today I bought some Gogurt to keep in the freezer to use for a snack.  I originally bought Gogurt for my son, but I LOVE to eat it frozen.  It's made to freeze and then thaw by lunch, but I prefer it frozen.  

What are your go-to lunch ideas?


  1. For lunch I eat...Wheaties Fuel energy bar--chocolate

    bottle of v-8 juice

    I eat a protein breakfast and a normal dinner.

    I find school lunches are too high in carbohydrates and calories for me..

    I hope you find something you really love.

  2. I pack tuna and then count out a serving of crackers. Some days I'll do a salad, other days I'll bring a Bocca burger. I started soup Mondays at our school. every Monday 3 or 4 teachers sign up and bring a crock pot of soup. It is a huge hit!

  3. My lunch is not much better. I am usually a sandwich, with a piece of fruit (same picks as you), and a water. I eat in our cafeteria on some days too! I good use a few ideas my own self!


  4. Ooh!! Go-gurts are such a good idea!!! I might need to add those. Thanks for linking up :)

    The Sweetest Thing
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