Fabulous Finds & Water Cycle

I am joining Elizabeth's Fabulous Finds linky party to show you my fabulous find for this week!  Not only is it fabulous, but it was FREE!  Can't beat that.  
Every now and then we have materials in the teacher workroom that come from a variety of places and they are free!  First come, first serve.  These "Just Ask" books are a great addition to my classroom library!  Look how many!  Some go along with standards, some don't, but I am super excited about them.
We have been studying the water cycle this week and have started our mini water cycle!  To create your own mini water cycle, use a clear cup and put water inside (I put one too many drops of blue food coloring, but it's okay).  Make a water mark so you can see where you started.  Place in a ziploc bag and tape to a window that gets sunlight.  We make an observation the first day and then continue to observe and illustrate in our Science notebooks what we are seeing.  I love how they can actually see the process of the water cycle through our class mini water cycle!

We also have a song we sing and dance movements to go along with it!  


  1. You've gotta love free:) Love the water cycle experiment!

  2. We just found you through Amanda's blog and are now following!! We would love it if you stop by sometime!
    Katie & Lisen


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