This summer I promised myself I would keep this blog updated and blog all about our classroom activities.  Clearly, that hasn't happened!  :(  My home life has just been super busy lately!  Of course, my two and a half year old keeps me on the go-go-go at home.  I had a nephew born about 2 weeks ago, my home church in Tennessee was burned to the ground (arson), I went home for the weekend by myself, we've been doing lots of fall fun activities, and I just haven't had the time to blog.  

We began our Light unit in Science last week.  I also like to teach about ROYGBIV!

Students got to use prisms to try to see ROYGBIV.  We got some great views of it and they were SO excited!

We also watched a video segment from The Magic School Bus: Makes a Rainbow.  The segment we watch is called "Colors Hidden in White Light".
I love Magic School Bus!  

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