A New Adventure

Before I began teaching, I never really had a grade that I just knew I wanted to teach one day.  I began my student teaching in 1st grade and I really enjoyed the little ones.  I thought, "I could teach little ones, for sure!" Then, I finished my student teaching in 5th grade and I really enjoyed it, too! So, when I began interviewing, I wasn't looking for a specific grade.  I am certified K-6, but thought that 5th grade was probably the highest grade level I'd want to teach because I really couldn't see myself in a middle school setting.  

I was hired to teach 4th grade and am currently in my fifth year teaching 4th grade and I have loved this grade level!  Last week I was asked by my principal to move up to 5th grade next year with the option of keeping my same classroom and keeping my same class.  My principal told me that the reason he wanted me to move up is to be the team leader of 5th grade.  He told me that me and my current partner are such a solid team and we both have leadership qualities that he feels can and should be spread out through other grade levels.  This is a great compliment and I am so glad I have his confidence, but I am sad to leave my partner teacher and she and I work so well together!  The 5th grade teacher was told that I'd be teaching with her on Friday so we had a good conversation about working together next year and I think we will work well together, too!  
But, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous!  I have looked up some standards for 5th grade and I am excited to teach Social Studies!  It looks like the major themes in the South Carolina standards are:

  • Reconstruction
  • Westward Expansion
  • Industrial Revolution, urbanization, and discriminatory practices
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Cold War
  • Collapse of the Soviet Union and the political, social, and economic, and environmental challenges since (to include the terrorism of September 11th)
Wow!  Of course, there's LOTS of information to cover through all of that!  I find most of this very interesting, but I really wish I'd paid more attention to History now! {Cold War...what???  Was I sleeping in class when this was taught 'cause I don't know a thing about it!}Social Studies is one of my favorites to teach, though!  

Now, Science on the other hand....eeekkk!  Thank goodness the teacher who I will be teaching with loves Science and has pretty much solidified her Science plans.  It looks like the overall themes in 5th grade Science are:
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and biotic/abiotic factors
  • Features, changes, and processes of Earth's land and ocean
  • Matter, mixtures and solution
  • Forces and motion
Not so sure about all of that!  Does anyone that's reading have any experience in 5th grade?  Any great resources, read alouds, etc that I should check out?  I would love any advice!  

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