A Day in the Life of a Teacher

I am joining a fun link over at Second Grade Nest called A Day in the Life of a Teacher!!  How fun!  Click over there to join in as well!
My day starts at 5:20 when I wake up.  Lately, I've been going to bed late because of masters work.  I will be so glad when I am finished!  7/7/13 cannot come quick enough!  I am usually finished by 6:00 and then I get my son up, get him dressed, pack his breakfast, my breakfast, and my lunch!  By 6:30, we are off to go to school! 
This is what gets me through rushed mornings!
My drive to school takes about 40 minutes, about 20 minutes on the Interstate and 20 minutes on country roads.  I teach at a small, rural school.
8:00 - Today in Math, I did a reteach of division because my students have struggled with the steps.
9:15 - ELA:  We began with Spelling, moved on to a game of charades with our vocabulary words, and then read a story about the rainforest.  We made great connections to what we've already studied about the rainforest!  Then, it was time for PASS Practice since PASS tests are next week!
10:30 - Social Studies:  We reviewed the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party.  

11:15 - What a dreary day for recess, but of course, my fourth graders still love it!
11:30 - Cleaning Swimmy's fish tank!  His tank looks MUCH better now!  I love that 4th graders *want* to clean out yucky fish tanks! 
12:00 - Lunch: We have to eat in the cafeteria with our students, but we do get to sit at a table with the teachers so we usually catch up during this time.

12:45 - Science:  Today we reviewed capacity and had a little experiment with a sponge.  Students estimated how many milliliters the sponge soaked in the cup of water.  We used graduated cylinders to measure.  
1:35 - Planning, planning, planning before a busy afternoon of class discussions, and bus duty!

3:15 - After school, I met with my new grade level teacher for next year and we talked about some things we plan to do!  Then, the BEST part of my day was picking up my sweet little boy!  Today, during Social Studies, I got a phone call that his daycare had been put on a lockdown because a man who was suicidal had a gun in the town where the daycare is located (approximately 10 miles or so away).  My heart was beating 90 miles an hour upon hearing his daycare was on lockdown.  It was the worst feeling.  I was so relieved when I got a message that the lockdown was over and the police took the man in custody.  I still felt MUCH better picking him up this afternoon!

5:00 - By the time we got home and changed, I decided to order a pizza for supper because I really need to go to the grocery store.  Thank goodness I saved up a lot of my Weight Watchers points for supper because I definitely used them!
And that friends, is about it!  Add a little cleaning up of toys, a bath later for my little man, bedtime reading, and that is my day!


  1. Thanks so much for linking up!
    I am much like you with my drive to my school- it is in a very rural county! There are cows outside my window!

    And oh my goodness, that pizza looks so good!
    Second Grade Nest

  2. I loved working at a country school. I really miss it!

    Crystal Shepherd
    The lamppost in 1st grade math

  3. That's a far less complicated way of teaching division! In the UK it would often be taught like this:

    89 divided by 4

    4 times 20 =80 (20)
    4 times 2 =8 (2)
    Answer is 22 remainder 1



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