The Lorax

I remember this past summer reading about how many of the Dr. Seuss has some type of political or environmental theme to them and I remember thinking, "What? Am I the ONLY person who never caught that?" I originally saw this on Brandee's blog, Creating Lifelong Learners. I was amazed and so glad I could incorporate Dr. Seuss into my 5th grade classroom. Yep, even 5th graders LOVE Dr. Seuss!
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My partner teacher plans Science and incorporated this Dr. Suess book into our Science plans. The unit we are currently studying is Landforms & Oceans. This week our focus has been on conservation and pollution.
Many of my students had read this book (or saw the movie!) and didn't know it had anything to do with the environment. Neither did I before now!
This page shows the "before" picture where all of the Truffula trees are standing, the grass is green, the air is clean, and the pond is thriving.
Here, the Lorax comes out and speaks for the trees.
A factory is built and many Truffula trees are being cut down.
The air begins to be polluted while more and more trees are being cut down.
The animals who once lived there must find another food source, since the Truffula trees no longer bear the fruits they eat.
The very last Truffula tree is cut down. 
After we read the story, I gave them their challenge: Write your own Lorax story with the setting being the ocean. I thought they may have a hard time getting started so we narrowed it down to 3 topics:
  • Over-fishing
  • Oil spills
  • Trash 

They began brainstorming ideas today and were SO excited! I can't wait to read their final products!


  1. During my first year teaching (gifted ELA), one of my students quoted The Lorax in her persuasive letter to a government official about how we need to save our trees. I was impressed because, like you mentioned, I never picked up on the environmental themes. What a fun activity!

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