Guest Blog @ My Carolina Classroom

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a guest blog at Kristin's blog, My Carolina Classroom! She has the cutest blog!
I was so glad to be able to share one of my favorite things I've used in Writing: Family Message Journals. Click HERE to hop on over to Kristin's blog to read about them! Here is a sample below! 


  1. Hi Lana! We did Friday Journals in our class and had the kids write about 3 things that they did this week, 2 things that they liked, and 1 goal for the following week, but I found that as the year went on the letters got to be the same week after week. I LOVE your idea of using FMJ's and assigning a topic that the kids write home about. I'm planning to switch to the FMJ's after reading your guest post on My Carolina Classroom (I love that blog name!). Do you have a letter that you send home to parents about the journals? Thanks for sharing this idea!

  2. Love this idea...gonna try it out!


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