Five for Friday {Disney Edition}

Happy Friday, teacher friends! Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky party, except I am not talking about anything school related. Why, you may ask? Well, I have been at home with a sick little boy (stomach bug) most of the week. So our week has consisted of yucky stomach bug symptoms, the doctor, and lots of cuddles on the couch.

The only other thing going on this week is some DISNEY planning! That's right.....

While I rarely share anything personal on here, I chose to today for a few reasons:
  • Disney is more fun to talk about than vomiting.
  • No school pictures from this week.
So, we are a LONG way from our trip, but y'all, I am so excited! So, let's take a break from our regular 5th grade happenings to talk Disney!
We were able to book our dining this week so with the help of our travel agent (which is free, I might add - Mouse Tales Travel) we were able to get into all of the restaurants we wanted!
I have been purchasing items for Disney from various places (mostly the Dollar Tree) so I thought I'd share a few items! We plan on going to one night parade while at Disney and I've read to buy and bring your own glow sticks. I'll still buy regular glow sticks, but I found these Mickey glow wands that will be perfect!  

I love a good souvenir and always love to buy them on trips! I've heard Disney souvenirs can become quite expensive and I've read some people buy souvenirs ahead of time and bring them along. Being that I love a good souvenir, I am going in the middle with this one. I love the idea of Mickey (or any other character) bringing a gift to our room each day while we are gone with a personalized note (that I'll create and bring). So when I saw these figurines at the Dollar Tree, I had to get them. My thought is that I will create letters from each character and while we are gone, that "character" will leave the note and toy in the room. Something like, "Dear E, I am so glad I got to meet you at Chef Mickey's last night! I hope you have a fun time exploring Disney World! Here is a little toy for you to take home and play with to remember our fun time together. Love, Mickey". We will still buy some souvenirs, but these will fun little souvenirs each day!
We know lines can be long at Disney and I've read to bring something for children to do while waiting in line. E loves to dry and write letters and words so this Mickey dry erase board will be great! Does anyone know if this will be allowed on the airplane? I wasn't sure about the dry erase marker...??
One of our character gifts will be this fun picture frame for Mickey and/or the whole gang! We'll have it for the last day with a note along the lines of, "Dear E, we hope you have had a magical time at Disney! Here is a picture frame to print and frame our picture together!"
{one extra!}
A plain, blueberry waffle is about the whole thing my little one could eat this week. He requested a Mickey waffle (after seeing one online while we were looking at Disney stuff) so this mama made do and created one! He LOVED it!

How many Disney World lovers are there reading this? Any advice/tips?

* I will be back to my regular 5th grade posts now.


  1. That Mickey waffle is soooo cute!! Sounds like you already have a lot of great ideas planned!!


  2. How fun! Living With the Land is a fun educational ride there if you're looking for one. :)


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