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I was recently contacted by a representative from Quill about reviewing a product. I was more than HAPPY to do so because I have actually ordered through Quill before (I purchased colored paper for classroom newsletters) and had a good experience with them.

They were so kind to let me pick out an item and I chose this AWESOME easel! It's the Best-Rite Double Sided Easel. It is double sided and has tubs, which I love for storage.

I love how both sides can be used. One side has a wire book rack and a book ledge, which I LOVE. The book rack and ledge would be perfect for displaying the book to be read aloud that day or for storing other materials!
The other side is a full dry erase board, which is spacious and useful!
My FAVORITE thing about this easel is that it really makes use of the space, which is so helpful to teachers. We have so many things to store! Between the two boards, there is a shelf where you can store items. I envision this as a perfect area to store manipulatives or various items needed for a lesson at a classroom rug. 
There are 4 baskets at the bottom, making use of that space as well. It also came with two flip chart hooks, which you can see I have temporarily placed inside a basket.
We did have a little bit of trouble getting a few holes lined up, but we were able to fix that easily. Other than that, it put together nicely.

I am SO EXCITED about this easel and so THANKFUL to Quill for sending it to me! They were super easy to work with while I was choosing an item and definitely efficient with shipping it. It will be a perfect addition to my classroom!!

Click HERE to go to Quill's website to see what all they offer!


  1. Hi Lana! I love your whole blog website and atmosphere. I have enjoyed exploring your site. I am currently in school to become a teacher one day and I am excited to learn about Quill. It seems like a great place to buy supplies for my classroom. I also agree that the easel is AWESOME! This supply will definitely be on my "to buy" list for my classroom. Thanks for sharing the great source!

  2. Lana, this post makes me want to buy everything from Quill right now! I love how big this easel is. It looks super fun for the students and for me too! Thanks for the great info on this product.


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