May Currently

Happy Saturday! It is a beautiful day here! We've spent our weekend at the ball field with a game last night and a game this morning. I love our baseball weekends! So much fun!

I'm glad to join in on the May Currently series with Farley!

Listening: My husband and son are wrestling in the living room. They love it, but I cringe watching them.

Loving: 14 days of school left! Eeekkk! I have a writing training for 3 days of the last week of school so I actually have 11 days.

Thinking: Housework, housework, housework

Wanting: It's a beautiful day here! I bought some chicken, veggies, skewers, and hamburger patties for us to grill out later.

Needing: I'm working on a list of mentor texts that I'll use next year. So many to buy!

Summer: Yes-definitely going to Fripp and can't wait! Hope-Definitely hope to visit the Grand Canyon, pending my Mom's graduation. Dream-I'd love to hit my lifetime goal with Weight Watchers and maintain it!

Happy Saturday, friends!


  1. Hi! I hope you are able to visit the Grand Canyon. I have lived in Arizona for 8 years and still have yet to see it. Enjoy your night of grilling on this beautiful Saturday.

  2. Yikes! Only 14 days? We go right until the end of June (thank goodness?!?) don't think I would be able to get everything done in such a short time!

    Good luck as your year winds down!


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