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I'm joining in on the fun today by sharing my classroom tour over at Blog Hoppin' AND Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners! For those who are new to my blog, this is my eighth year teaching, but my first year at my new school. New school, new classroom!

As you know, it's never completely finished, but these pictures were taken right before school started. 

Immediately to the left, I have a bookshelf with various materials. To the sides you'll see our recess bag and a school designated recycling bin. There's not really a good place for them so they stay in this area.
I created this bulletin board "What is Mrs. Geren reading?" to show my students that I am a reader, too. I just changed the papers in the page protectors to "Now reading" and "Just finished". 
Past that shelf is my dry erase board and then my student computers. Below my dry erase board is this board I created to celebrate our community of readers! I have added pictures of the books students checked out the first time and will be adding "Shelfies" to this after students complete book talks!
Above my student computers you'll see a map of the world with my map bunting. We will be marking the places in the world we "visit" when we read stories aloud with the theme "Reading takes us places".

This print is on top of my student cubbies.

On the wall beside the student computers, I created a bulletin board for my fabulous fifth graders! When I sent letters home to my students this summer, I asked their parents to email me a picture of their child doing something they loved. I printed these photos and added them before Open House last week. My new teaching partner gave me the idea to do it and I LOVED it! I think by displaying student photos in the classroom, it helps them to feel a part of the classroom community and I want them to know I care about them, their interests, and who they are as a person.
At the front of the room I have my Promethean board. To the right is my teacher desk.

To the left of that board I have another bookshelf with various books. On the bottom I have books that relate to our Social Studies standards. I'll pull these out during those units of study. The middle shelf holds read alouds I'll use or books that I'll recommend soon. The pink basket will hold weekly folders. 
I love this "In Our Classroom" sign. My favorite line is "We are family". I hope to always have a classroom community where we feel like family.

 Directly to the back is my student cubbies, which has random student supplies in them in this pictures. We organized supplies during the first week of school. This picture was taken after Open House when students dropped supplies off.
Now to my FAVORITE part of our classroom: the classroom library! 
I love this area and could just get comfy over there with a good book!

I organize my books by genre and have labels on every book. It was such a labor of love organizing this library, but I LOVE the final product. 

Three sweet moments from Open House related to my classroom library:
  • One student actually gasped quietly and whispered to her friend, "Look at all of the books!"
  • Two boys came in early, found a book they wanted to read, and got comfortable and read together.
  • Another made himself comfortable in the chair and read while his parents visited his sibling's classroom.

    THAT is what it's all about folks!
Above the cubbies I have our "Snapshots" of our year together timeline where I will post photos of our year.

LOVE this sign from Hobby Lobby!

That concludes our classroom tour!


  1. Your the second classroom I have seen with that polka dot rug. I love it! It would go perfectly with my theme. Your room looks good.

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

  2. Lana, your room looks amazing!! I love everything about it!! I may "steal" several of your ideas!! LOL!

    A Tall Drink of Water


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