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Hello friends! It has been years since I've been back on the blogging scene, but I am happy to announce that I am back. Life has been a whirlwind for the past two years, so I wanted to do a quick life update and let you know where I am taking this blog now. I am excited to get back to this website and share our learning adventures. 

Life update: 

I'm a mama to a third grade boy and twin two year old girls. Since my girls were born I have been out of the classroom and staying home with them. I have plans to go back to the classroom once they are in school. 

Where am I taking this blog now? 

You are probably wondering what I will be sharing on this teaching blog if I'm not teaching in the classroom. I will be sharing lots of learning adventures from home on this blog. In regards to my little ones, I plan on sharing sensory fun, fine motor activities, favorite educational toys, favorite books, and toddler learning. Many of our learning adventures will be related to occupational therapy activities since that has been a part of our life for over a year now. 

In regards to my third grader, I plan on sharing educational activities we do at home, educational apps we use, and books we are loving. I am so excited to share some of his favorite books from third grade and what a reader he is blossoming into! 

For our family learning adventures, I plan on sharing fun places we visit in our home state of Georgia. We enjoy visiting Zoo Atlanta, the Children's Museum of Atlanta, and more. I hope to share our love for many places around the Atlanta area. 

I'll be back soon to share some of our learning adventures! 



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