Candy Math

I wanted to share a Math activity that my kiddos always enjoy! We call it "Candy Math". Since we don't have a Halloween party, we have a candy Math lesson near Halloween. I ask the students to bring in individually wrapped candies. Thankfully, one student brought it a TON of candy, like $30 worth! First, I split the students into 4 groups and let them choose one bag of candy to explore. Each group got a post-it and wrote an estimate of how many pieces of candy they thought was in their bag (using the nutrition label serving size and servings per bag as a guide) and then they counted their actual number. We used the 4 groups numbers and discussed median, mode, range, maximum, and minimum. I was a little surprised that the children didn't know any of these terms! One student got maximum, but other than that there was very little background knowledge. Then, I had the students take 1 piece of their favorite candy and eat it, but keep the wrapper and we made a graph. We used that information to find the terms listed above!
Next week we have Red Ribbon Week where we have dress up days everyday! I'm excited for the dress up days! They're fun and the kids LOVE it when teachers dress up. I didn't do too good on Homecoming week so I am making up for it Red Ribbon Week. We always have a door decorating contest, but this year it didn't have to be on your door. It could be a display in the hallway. I always let my class vote on how we decorate and this year they voted "Drugs Make You Cuckoo". I was hesitant that we could pull it off but I found a cuckoo clock template online that we used. I think it turned out SUPER cute! I had 3 students absent so there's a few places that have a spot open.

Does your school celebrate Red Ribbon Week? Our schedule is as follows:
  • Monday - Team Up Against Drugs (favorite team colors)

  • Tuesday - Drugs are Tacky (tacky clothes)

  • Wednesday - United We Stand (patriotic or military clothes)

  • Thursday - I can't remember the slogan, but we wear red!

  • Friday - Be a Jean-uis (wear your favorite pair of jeans)

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  1. Just stopping by to peek into your planbook. Love this! We have Red Ribbon Week coming up too. Monday we wear Red. I've just drawn a blank now but we are dressing up each day too. Come by and peek into my planbook.

    Happy Weekend!
    Rebecca at
    The Teacher's Chatterbox


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