Homecoming Week

This week is Homecoming at our school so we have dress up days each day! Monday is Twin Day which is perfect because we just got our class t-shirts on Friday so we all decided to wear our class t-shirts on Monday to be twins! I'm not so sure about Duct Tape Day...have yall ever heard of that? It's the first time we've done it so I'm not too sure about it.
I wish I had some pictures to share from this week, but I don't. It was a busy week with lots of things going on at school. A family lost everything they owned to a house fire (6 children in the house, 5 go to our school, 1 in 4th grade), another child lost their father and is having a really hard time, no Internet most of the week at school, and my son and I both are having sinus issues so we are just glad it's the weekend and we are hoping for a better week this week!


  1. Homecoming will be in another week for my district. We let the elementary participate in the activities, IF it doesn't become a distraction. This year it sounds like we won't be participating in the homecoming parade, which in the past has been fun.

    This past week was the first I've felt well, since I've had a cold and sinus on top :( Hope this next is better for you.

    Pat @ http://atimetoshareandcreate.blogspot.com/

  2. Homecoming is not a big deal at our schools except for the high school. I wish it was though! We actually did not even have a dance this year!

    Be sure and swing by my blog because I have 2 awards for you!

    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

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