Inside my School Bag

I am a little late linking up with Abby over at The Inspired Apple, but we have been out of town and I am just now seeing all the links for "Inside my School Bag"! I have always loved different bags. I have used lots of totes/bags for my "school bag". Since I had my baby (who is now 16 months) I have tried to bring less stuff home and I usually do pretty good at it, but I still have my school bag. This weekend I upgraded to my new Vera Bradley bag! It was a gift for my birthday! Love it!
I always keep this cute notebook nearby and a smaller notebook. I always have lots of lists!

I have a couple of books that I'm reading or using in my room.

And, I have these essay's that need graded that I just keep putting off. Let's keep it real...I dislike grading essay's!

And I always have my favorite pens...Flair pens by Papermate...LOVE them!


  1. Love the it a heavy quilt? I'm wondering if there's a lot of padding. I use a regular cloth bag and I worry about my ipad getting jiggled around.

  2. I awarded you the I Heart your Blog Award:) Come check out the post for details:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. What a beautiful bag! I am late to Abby's linky party, here is my bag


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