So last year around mid-year we heard about notebooking! So, we were given a stack of spiral notebooks and told "Go for it!" Well, needless to say....they were less than impressive. We were just new to the idea and didn't have time to prepare. SO.....this year we knew we wanted to make them MUCH better. Right now, we only do a Social Studies and Science notebook. I've learned one thing through teaching and it is not to do too much too soon. Eventually we add more subject areas. To start the week off, we decided to have the students collage their notebooks. Here are some of our Science notebooks. The first is mine.

Stay tuned this weekend for a FUN Social Studies project! :) It's one of our favorites in 4th grade!

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  1. I just made notebooks with my 3 ELA classes and am loving them so far! The kids are really enjoying them too. I am hoping to do a post about them this weekend.


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