Indian Maize Pancakes and Grandparent's Day

I hate that I don't have any pictures to share, but I wanted to tell you about two things we did this week in 4th grade. First, we ended our Native American unit by cooking Indian maize pancakes! You can google lots of recipes, but the recipe I have seems to be the easiest! The kids loved it and while I cooked, we reviewed for our test. I'll try to find a digital copy to share the recipe with you.

Every year we have a Grandparent's Day celebration. We invite our grandparents to come have breakfast with us and we ask the students to bring in honeybuns, muffins, doughnuts, etc. We used to cook Indian maize pancakes then, but it was a lot of work and required a lot of materials. We usually average about 80-100 people total. While the students enjoy breakfast with their grandparents, they have a list of 9 questions to interview their grandparent. We then take the interview questions the following week to create our first essay.
Do you do anything to celebrate Grandparent's Day?

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  1. Hi Lana! What are the questions you have the kids ask their grandparents? Also, what type of essay are you having them write?
    Sincerely, a new fourth grade teacher
    Miss Whittern


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