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One thing I love about our district is that we get these wonderful science kits 3-4 times a year that gives us the materials to do science hands-on to teach or standards. So, we have started our Magnetism & Electricity unit. My challenge today was for students to determine how the force between two magnets is related to the distance between the magnets. We got all set up with each group having the set up below. One cup has a magnet on a post beneath it and a magnet inside the cup attracting to the other magnet. The students took washers and put in the other cup and determine how many washers it took to break the force. Then, they put 1 spacer between the magnets and repeated the steps. Then they did the same with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 spacers. They recorded their information and then made graphs in their science notebooks showing their results. Math + Science = success.

Yesterday we created permanent magnets and discussed induced magnetism.

I had a new student tell me today she always had a hard time understanding things her precious teacher taught (from another school) and how much better she understands now that she is in my room and how much better she's doing. I told her it was just what I needed to hear. I'm glad this week is shaping up to be better.

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  1. These look like awesome activities! What a sweet and uplifting comment from your new student!
    To The Square Inch


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