How to deal with student loss

For the first time in my teaching career, I am faced with a new challenge this week. Without saying too much for privacy purposes, I will only share the basic facts. A student of mine lost a parent this weekend in a car accident and the other parent is in critical condition.
Please say a prayer for this student as he/she will be going through extreme emotions and a difficult time ahead. I pray for peace, comfort, and support for this student. I also pray that I have the right words to say to my class tomorrow and to my student when he/she comes back to school.


  1. Hey Lana, this is a hard one. Lots of love and prayers, for sure. When your student is ready, there's a great book out there called Tear Soup that offers a nice metaphor for the grieving process. At this point they're probably in shock, which is a blessing. Kids have such an amazing way of comforting one another - I usually go into classrooms and say, "if you were so-and-so, what would you need from us today?"

    Praying for peace,


  2. This is such a sad situation. About 7 years ago, I had what could be the hardest year I will ever have. Three of my student lost parents that year. We, of course, had the district crisis team come talk with the class each time ( I was teaching 4th grade at the time.) For each child, I purchased scrapbook materials, and the kids in the class offered ideas for memories to do for each page. Example: What was something your mom would always say to you. What was your favorite place to go with your dad. When each child came back, they were so happy to have something normal back in their daily routine. Prays for your student and you as you provide stability to a child whose life has just been turned upside down.


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