A Good Deal

I love getting a good deal on anything classroom related. Books are no exception. Yesterday while shopping at Dollar General I came across these classics for $2 each. What a good deal! I'm sure my class will enjoy them.
This week we are starting our Freedom Crossing unit. To say that I LOVE this book is an understatement. Anytime you can integrate across the curriculum is a good thing. We are about to study the Underground Railroad and have already talked about slavery so we are beginning this book in our ELA (English Language Arts) block. Since we have two 4-day weeks coming up, it'll take up a little over two weeks to finish it. I highly recommend this book. Every year my class LOVES it!

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  1. I agree completely!
    Many people in "the public" think we have an easy job with three months vacation, "free" benefits, short days, and few responsibilities.
    Thanks for "keeping it real." I love my job--but it is seldom easy.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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