Yesterday I attended a meeting about Science notebooking. I am fairly new to notebooking, but we plan to have one for every subject next year. One thing they mentioned was allowing students the time to reflect in their notebooks. I'll admit, my students have never reflected in their Science notebook, only in their Math Reflection Journal, which is a post for another day. Today we had some extra time (which rarely happens) so I gave the prompt "What have you learned about magnetism and electricity?" Here are some of their thoughts.

We talked about how real scientists kept notebooks with their thoughts and drawings.

They were eager to share aloud, which I hadn't planned but it was a really nice few moments of reflecting.

This is something I'd like to make more time for. My students really enjoyed it. In the meeting they also talked about sentence stems like "I wonder...", etc. I could even put a morning work question like "What do you think would happen if...." and let them write their thoughts in their notebooks. I've got so many ideas and just not enough time I'm the day to do them!


  1. Notebooking is the best thing I ever did! I really believe that it require my students to use higher order thinking skills!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  2. I need to try this in other areas. Thank you for sharing! =)

    I just found your cute blog and am your newest follower. I would love for you to come visit me when you get the chance.

    Heather's Heart


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