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Spring break has came and gone, sigh. It was nice while it lasted, but now we are on the countdown to PASS and Summer Break! Today, we got an email that someone would be delivering free stuff to our school. First come, first serve. So I went and loaded up on several goodies! First, SS materials related to Native Americans.
The grammar books below really caught my eye because we have nothing when it comes to grammar. We make everything ourselves (practice problems, tests, etc). I also snatched up some other workbooks for test practice and then some name tags! I actually bought and used them this year to label cubbies and things around the room.

I was MOST excited about this below. Tons of magnets!!! We teach magnets and have wonderful Science kits, but to have my own magnets and have a variety (magnets with North/South labeled, donut magnets) was almost enough to make me squeal! Also, I got a prism and those wrap-up things for fractions!

I also grabbed a few free goodies for my reward box, like a whistle, erasers, lanyard, pencils grippers, and a sharpener.

We are getting ready to learn all about capacity so today I pulled out my famous Gallon Man/Woman. She's been used for 5 years and in that time she's lost an eye and her mouth. Literally, her hair almost fell off today. LOL. But hey, she still works! Students drew their own gallon man instead of making one this year. I love making them, but we are already behind in Math so I chose the quicker way.

Today we had a meteorologist come that works for the National Weather Service. We teach our weather unit at the beginning of the year so this is always a good review before PASS. He brought the 4th graders a poster with clouds on one side and the water cycle on another. Students were excited to come back from activity and find these on their desks:

This week we read the childhood classic, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. Each year we read it and then watch the movie!

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  1. Those leveled SS books look AMAZING! What is the company? Perhaps I could order some ... :)


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