Frogs, crabs, and millipedes...Oh My!

African dwarf frogs, fiddler crabs, and millipedes...that's what's been hanging out in Room 440 lately. Our class looks like a Science experiment!

We are wrapping up our unit with live animals. The kids LOVE them. Me? Eh, they are icky and stinky but the truth is they are a good way to make qualitative and quantitative observations, which is one of our standards. The students really enjoyed the fiddler crabs. Here is our largest male fiddler crab. Ick.

African dwarf frogs are not so bad! Although I did have one jump out of the net last year!

And millipedes...they aren't usually a hit, but this year my class was really interested in them. Can you find it below?

Tomorrow is animal adoption day! Students can adopt an animal if they have a suitable habitat and parent permission. It is sure to be a fun (and hectic!) day!

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