Getting Ready!

I have completed a week of finishing up in my classroom and attending district-wide professional development!  Our doors officially open Monday morning!  I am hoping to have a classroom tour ready for you next week so you can see my room!  Here are a few things I've been working on.

* Labeled dish pans to hold journals:
* Re-vamping my teacher's binder.  This summer I made it all cute with green and blue zebra paper in clear page protectors with the titles on them.  I've quickly came to the realization that what is "cute" doesn't always meet my needs.  I couldn't see my tabs, which was driving me crazy and I hate those big tabs because they stick out of my binder.  So, I went old school with regular ole' tabs and so far, they are working perfect!
This year we have adopted a new textbook series, Literacy by Design.  We had professional development this morning on it and I have left just a little (okay, make that a LOT) nervous.  It is going to be a whole new way of thinking/teaching in my ELA block.  It's doesn't help that we haven't received our teachers editions yet, either.  Yikes! 

Any Literacy by Design users out there?  Love it?  Hate it?  Any advice?


  1. I think your binder looks plenty cute as it is! I used regular dividers, too- the kind you can draw on- and it works well for me! Good luck as you get started!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. I have used Literacy by Design for 4 years now. I have come to really love LbD! Our school district felt the same way when we started with it, but you will slowly see that there is a pattern! Sticking with that pattern is a big lesson plan saver. My teaching partners and I decided to make it an 11 day cycle. Day 11 becomes review and test day.

    I use one notebook for the kids to record their Vocabulary words and Word Study. My kids do really well with vocab because we don't just copy the words. We make the lists, draw pictures, and do so many other things! I have gradually gotten better at teaching the Comprehension part and the kids really like the stories in the 4th grade book!

    My advice is to just take it slow and make it work for you. Good Luck!


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