Teacher Week {Must Haves Monday}

Today I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week!  Today is Must-Haves Monday.  

1)  First, I must have some Flair pens!  They are my absolute favorite.  I use them at home and at school.  
2)  Organization is definitely a must!  Whether you organize by using a file cabinet, binders, folders, etc...whatever it takes, you will not be sorry that you spend time getting things organized.  I use binders for student data and my teacher binder.  I also keep copies of everything we do in subject binders.
I also bought this organizer from Lakeshore Learning and have loved it!  I keep all my copies for the upcoming week in it.  
3)  Smartboard - Oh, I don't know how I would teach without my Smartboard!  It is my absolute favorite!  
4)  Cricut - I have loved labeling things with vinyl using my Cricut machine!  
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  1. I bought Flair pens for the first time this year, because everyone I work with loves them too! I'm looking forward to using them (How dorky is it that I'm looking forward to using a pen?!?) and hope they live up to the hype!
    Bee Teaches

  2. I bought those same organizers for my plans. Love that it keeps everything separate by day. :)


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