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This post is a little have been forewarned! :)  First, I wanted to show yall our door for Red Ribbon Week!  Our slogan is "United We Stand For A Drug Free Land!  Vote NO for Drugs!"  I love how it tied in with the presidential election!  
This week we had a candy Math lesson!  My students brought bags of individually wrapped candy.  Each group had 1-2 bags.  First, they counted the quantity in each bag and wrote that number on a post-it. Then, we put the post-it's on the board in order from least to greatest.  I introduced the words minimum, maximum, range, mode, and median using the numbers of candy we had!  Then, they got to rotate and fill a little baggy of candy to keep for themselves.  It was cute!
In Social Studies, we are learning about all about factors that led to the American Revolution!  This Social Studies Weekly tied in perfectly!  Do you get Social Studies weekly?  This is the first year we have and I am struggling to find time to add it into our curriculum, but have enjoyed it so far.
I couldn't get the video to post, but I LOVE showing my students the Schoolhouse Rock video "The Shot Heard 'Round the World". Most have never heard of Schoolhouse Rock, but they all love it!
Next Monday we have parent teacher conferences and we are out of school Tuesday!  I am looking forward to that!

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  1. I get Social Studies Weekly too! I'm with you- it's good, but I can never seem to figure out when to fit it in with everything else. This is my first year in this grade level and my first year having it, so I hope at some point I figure out how to really get as much out of it as we could! Let me know if you have any tips!

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