Dollar Tree Finds

Yesterday I was on a mission to find some baskets for my classroom library.  I have some new {to me} books, but I don't have any baskets for them.  I went out to Dollar Tree, where I have gotten a lot of my baskets.  
But, I couldn't find what I was looking for.  I would LOVE to have these neon baskets from Really Good Stuff.  Right now, I have primary colors on one bookshelf that was already in my classroom when I began teaching there.  Then on other bookshelves I have blue and green baskets.  I would love to add some pink and orange to brighten things up and get rid of the primary colors.  
I saw on a blog {can't remember which one!} about these cute little frog fingers that she got at the Dollar Tree.  I've looked high and low for them but can't find any.  The only thing I found was this nail set {which I did not buy}.  I don't think boys would appreciate that.  :)
I did find two books, The Lion King and Jungle Book, which appear to be chapter books, but aren't.  You know how you always have those students who want so badly to read a chapter book, but just can't?  These might be good for them.
I also picked up a tumbler for my Secret Pal for St. Patty's Day!  I love that our school does Secret Pal!  I also bought these foam shapes in the hopes of using them in Math.
Although we've already covered multiplication, they always need practice.  So, I use the foam shapes for multiplication practice with the answer on the back for self-checking.

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