Letter Bb - BEARS

Last week we finished our letter Bb for bears! I found these letter Bb puzzles online. They were good to see how the letter Bb is formed.
I also really liked this bear coloring page. For a non-reader, it was easy to see what color the bear should be - except for white and grey. Of course, the word "white" couldn't be in the color white since you wouldn't be able to see it. That confused E - the color it was written in was gray so naturally, he thought that two bears were supposed to be gray.
Even though this printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler uses butterfly for the letter Bb, we still used it to find letter Bb's.
We also worked on some basic bear addition! Note to self - work on writing numbers ... I had to help him with all of these.
Our last activity was too difficult so we made our own rules! At first, I called out #s for E to put a dot on. He got frustrated easily because there were lots of numbers he didn't know (20+). So we took turns calling out #s that he knew and then just put dots on the rest!


  1. Hi friend! I've nominated you The Sunshine Blogger award! You always make me smile with your friendly posts and comments! Check out my post to see details.
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  2. I love your ideas to work on letters, while incorporating other subjects. An idea for the bear coloring page is if you highlight the word "white" in black, this will allow you to type the word white in white. This may help eliminate some of the confusion with what color to color that bear.

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