Sunday Smorgasboard

Happy Sunday! Today's post is an assortment of random things I thought I'd share. I hope to be sharing more regularly soon. Sometimes life just gets busy and other things are more important. :)

My students love the graphic novels that I've added to our classroom library. All of the graphic novels were free with bonus points from our September book order! I loved The Babysitter's Club growing up. The graphic novel has been a hit so far. I've tried really hard to love the Amulet series. I'm not quite there yet, but my students LOVE it!

We really celebrated Pop Open a Good Book day and that was a lot of fun. Pajamas, popcorn, read aloud's, extra reading time, what's not to love? I shared my favorite book as a young child, Wake Up, Sun. Clearly, it's been well loved.
In Social Studies, we are about halfway through our Roaring Twenties unit. I love teaching history and have enjoyed all of our units so far. 
We just wrapped up our unit on figurative language. I always enjoy teaching it. I used these two read aloud's when teachings similes and metaphors. 

I had to leave early on Veteran's Day with my son not feeling well, but my substitute read one of my favorite books, America's White Table. LOVE that book.

On a personal note, I've enjoyed a less stressful school year and the beautiful scenery around me lately.

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