Teaching Colors

We have been working hard on colors lately! Identifying colors, naming colors, sorting colors, you  name it. I thought I would share a few sorting activities that we have done recently. 

Activity #1:
I printed off this cereal sorting mat from I Can Teach My Child. I have a laminator at home (best purchase ever as a former teacher and I still use it all the time!) so I laminated it so we could use it over and over. I did this activity at our morning snack time, so it was the perfect color sorting activity that ended in a treat! 

Activity #2:
I purchased a pack of foam blocks from the Dollar Tree months ago and we've used them multiple times. For this activity, I simply printed colored squares to match the foam blocks. After we sorted by colors, we worked on stacking and knocking down the towers. These are tricky to stack because they are small, so it's good fine motor work.
Activity #3:
For this activity, I printed this free Goldfish color sort. Just like with our first activity, I paired this around snack time so we could enjoy the snack after the activity. This was a bit tricky because the yellow Goldfish really look more orange, but my two year olds were still able to sort accordingly!

I'll be back soon to share more color activities!

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