Snowflake Canvas Painting

Happy January! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. A few weeks ago my girls enjoyed a fun snowflake painting, so I thought I would share this project with you all. We did this activity as part of occupational therapy, but it would be so cute to do anytime in the winter at home!

  • canvas
  • blue paint
  • painters tape 

First, make a snowflake on the blank canvas using painters tape. Next, have your child either paint with a paintbrush or for more sensory fun, use their HANDS! We opted for painting with our hands and it was such a FUN activity! I love the added sensory element with using hands. For children who don't enjoy this, you could easily use a paintbrush.

Once the painting dries, take off the painters tape and voila! You now have a snowflake painting! We displayed ours in the playroom for the a decorative piece during winter. 

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