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Hello, friends!  When I created this blog I intended to share all sorts of inspiring things from my classroom and really participate in this teaching blogging community.  Then, life happened and this little blog just went by the wayside.  I know, you've heard it again and again.  Summer is the time when my batteries get re-charged.  I'm only two weeks in to this summer and I'm already excited to re-do my classroom.  Not really re-do, but spruce it up!  As much of you do, I have got so many wonderful ideas from Pinterest.  I thought I would share some pictures from two blogs that have really inspired me today.  First, let's look at some pictures from Our Class Web (click to go to her blog).  I love reading her tips on organization.  I am pretty organized, but I could definitely do better.  That's just what I intend to do this year.  I want to buy one or two of these incline sorter to help sort folders or papers on my desk.
Right now, classroom supplies are put in a rolling book cart.  I don't really think it's the most useful way to store supplies.  So, I am hoping to score another bookshelf for my room.  I'd like to store supplies in a more organized way. 
I also love how she has a basket for books related to the units of study. 
Next let's look at some inspiration from Fabulous in First Grade (click to go to her blog).  I adore her primary colored classroom! I am very seriously considering getting rid of my desk and using my table like this as my desk area.  Has anyone who is reading done this?  If so, would you recommend?
I love how her classroom is bright and fun and SO organized!

I am hoping my mom can help me re-do/spruce up my classroom!  Last year I tried to bring my room together by using a bright green and blue as my main two colors.  I plan on using that same color scheme and just adding to it.  Here is a picture of my room from last year.
I also want to spray paint one of my bookshelves, the smaller grey one.  It definitely needs it!
Stay tuned for more inspiring photos and plans!


  1. Hey Lana! So good to hear from you!!! I know how life happens!!!! It has been happening to me alllllll year!!! I'm so glad you're inspired and blogging again:) Once you start doing things for your classroom, you have to link up with my Monday Made It:)))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you now too. I'm strongly considering getting rid of my desk this upcoming year. Many teachers at my school do this. I'm nervous though.... I don't use my desk much, but it was a great place to "just put stuff" last year. HaHa. It became a mess often and drove me nuts, but it was out of the way. I'm nervous where the possible "just put stuff" pile might land if I get rid of the desk. lol. We'll see how organized I'm feeling when school starts!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans


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