This morning me, my hubby, and son went to my classroom.  I actually went last week to pick up my keys and clipboards (stay tuned for that project), but I forgot to take a picture.  This is what my room looked like as of this morning:
It may not look like a big difference, but I was able to get almost all of my boxes unpacked.  I put most of the materials on student desks so I could see everything laid out.  Since I am re-arranging this year, I wasn't sure where everything would go.
The main reason we went was for my husband to set up my technology.  Oh, technology how I hate/love it sometimes.  The problem started when the technology department guys came at the end of the year last year.  They did bring me a newer computer {yay!} and switched out one of my old computers. However, after they did that and something to my teacher computer, I was no longer able to log in.  :/ Since it was the end of the year, it wasn't fixed.  Also, I was left with only one cord for my newer computer.  So, I knew I'd need major help in getting it set up this time.  First, I am needing another table because mine just isn't big enough for 3 computers and a printer.  So, my hubby hooked up my newer teacher computer and another computer.  The third computer doesn't have enough cords to hook up.  Well, my teacher computer won't accept my username/password and the other one didn't have any input signal.  Gggggrrrrrr.  Hopefully since it's summer, the technology department will have plenty of time to get it all fixed.  
Bulletin board paper + crayons + foam clocks + remote controls to a TV and VCR I no longer have + a keyboard I can't use = a good time for Easton!

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  1. Good luck with setting everything up! I had the same problem last year with my password on my teacher computer. I know it can be so frustrating!
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