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Y'all, I am excited that it is September!  To me, September and October means all things FALL!  I love Fall!  I went ahead and decorated my house with Fall decor this weekend and I am loving it. Never mind that it's 90 degrees outside...
Since it's September, it's time to link up with Farley's Currently series!
Listening: RHONJ...they may be a hot mess, but I still like watching them! 

Loving: FALL! :)

Thinking: Why do I wait until the last day to finish things around the house, like laundry?  

Wanting: I am hoping to get back in the swing of things at school. The first two weeks of school have been good, but they have also been very busy and hectic. I am hoping to get back in the groove soon.

Needing: To finish laundry!  ASAP!

Heart: I listed three goals for this month: 1) Start walking (I haven't exercised in so long). 2) Plan and organize fall activities (pumpkin patch, corn maize, county fairs, Boo at the Zoo, carving pumpkins...I CAN'T WAIT)! 3) Get back in the groove!  This could apply for school and for my health!

I also wanted to link up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for A Peek at my Week!  

ELA: This week we will be publishing our first narrative writing about a special person in our life. I can't wait to read their final drafts!  We will also complete our first Theme unit in LBD. 

Math: We will finish our study of expressions (Thank goodness!) and assess student learning.

Social Studies: We will conclude our study of Reconstruction. I will be sharing photos of my great-grandparents who were sharecroppers since we have learned about the system of sharecropping.

Science: We will be studying force and motion!

Here's to the 3rd week! :) 


  1. I too love all things fall! I can't wait for the cooler weather here in MA...cozy sweaters and hot chocolate! =) I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with school as well...we went for three days last week, and this week is only 4 days, so I figure I've still got plenty of time...but I do stress more with the beginning of the year craziness! Have a great week!
    Can't Make This Stuff Up...

  2. Fall is my FAV as well. It use to be summer but with the crazy weather we have been having Fall is much more enjoyable. I have also picked up running and fall is the perfect running weather! The dreaded laundry ... your LEAST FAV too! Ugh! Off to go do some of mine now! Enjoy this beautiful day! I'm your newest follower!

    Believe & Achieve,

  3. I love Fall too!!! My absolute favorite season!!!!

    Today, in Second Grade

  4. Hey Lana,

    I just found your blog on Farley's linky, and I am your newest follower!! I also ADORE Fall!! It is about 90 degrees in Kansas too--so I haven't busted out the fall decorations--yet! Perhaps next weekend?!? Enjoy your labor day and I hope you get all the laundry done. hehe

    Mind Sparks

  5. We are still hot in PA too! I hear you on the laundry...even when I manage to get everything washed it never seems to make it back into the drawers! Good Luck!
    Two Friends In First

  6. Real Housewives is my guilty pleasure! How crazy was the horse whisperer thing!?! I love that you decorated for fall already, way to be on it girly!

  7. Love, love, love your wreath!

    Thanks for linking up! Hope you get your laundry done!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  8. Your wreath is beautiful! I love fall as well. I don't like laundry either or food shopping...and I did both this past weekend.Ugh!
    Have a great week at school.

  9. Hi Lana! You and I must have so much in common. Fall is my favorite season! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners
    Follow me on Bloglovin'

  10. Fall is my favorite as well! Your wreath looks beautiful!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  11. I saw that you were listening to Real Housewives of New Jersey. I love the Housewives series, it is my guilty pleasure! I know that they can be over the top, but oh how I love to watch. Thanks for sharing!


  12. I love Fall, the colors the weather. To me it screams cozy!!!


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